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I needed this firm

So I built it

It’s simple (but not easy) to align consumption with vegan principles. You simply start looking more closely at what you buy to make sure you’re minimizing your association with exploitative practices. 

But it’s quite complex in the investing world, where individual investors typically hold shares in a broadly diversified group of companies with practices ranging from positively world-changing to profoundly toxic.

I wanted a structured, sophisticated way to invest in companies that are taking tangible steps towards a more compassionate, cleaner world. But I found that most firms lacked an authentic point of view on moral issues.

And so Invest Vegan was born. 

August 2020- Fruit Basket Comedy

Sloane Ortel


Sloane has worked in investment management since she was 19 years old. Before establishing her own firm, she joined CFA Institute’s staff as a sophomore at Fordham University and spent close to a decade helping the organization’s community of 170,000+ investment professionals adapt to a changing global landscape as a collaborator, curator, and commentator.

To learn more about Sloane’s professional journey, click here to read a blog post she wrote about how she decided to start Invest Vegan. Apart from her professional activities, she is also completely gay for skiing, a co-host of the Free Money podcast, and an eager amateur gardener.

VP of Scritches

Griffin is an older gentleman who is quick to climb onto the couch and present his belly for rubbing whenever one of his human friends is present. 

He is afraid of many objects for unknown reasons, but enjoys food, lying on soft pieces of fabric, and his wire brush.

VP of Sunbeams

Sammie has a very old soul and at least ten years of financial cat experience. 

She can often be found lounging in sunbeams, fearlessly interacting with objects, and advocating for her right to be petted and played with. 


Purring associate

Cressie joined the Invest Vegan team recently from a pottery studio where she was found by a neighbor. 

Her current focus is recovering from hyperthyroidism, lounging on Sloane’s desk, and eating 4-5 meals a day.

Invest Vegan Logo

Invest Vegan LLC is a New York registered investment adviser that provides managed account services to individuals, institutions, and others interested in aligning their investment activities with vegan ethical principles.