Math Learning, A Closer Look at Crocs, and Electrifying Corporate Fleets

Impactful Odds & Ends

Duolingo is reportedly developing a music learning app. This news comes after the launch of Duolingo Math at the end of last summer, and shows that the company is leveraging lessons from its core language product to enter new verticals. They’ve already had huge success creating a competitor to the long-entrenched TOEFL exam.  

Crocs experienced a boom during the pandemic, but unlike other stay-at-home success stories such as Peloton and Zoom, the company has maintained its remarkable pace of growth and innovation. Jordyn Holman of the New York Times took a closer look recently, and you can click here to read it. The image alone makes the essay worth your time. 

Quanta Services recently announced a partnership with trucking industry behemoth Navistar to help large trucking fleets implement battery-electric vehicles at scale. These sorts of collaborations are crucial to our society’s decarbonization path, and the work Quanta does to look after our long-suffering grid is a crucial part of our path forward. 


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