Is Invest Vegan a Mutual Fund, ETF, or Hedge Fund?

Invest Vegan is a registered investment adviser. We manage multiple investment strategies, but at this time they are all delivered to clients through something called a “separate account.”

We believe this structure offers several potential advantages to long-term investors, including:

  • Client assets are segregated and held in their own name, which may mitigate contagion risk in certain extreme scenarios.
  • All fees and expenses paid to invest vegan are fully disclosed and shown on periodic statements, which may help clients feel more fully aligned with Invest Vegan for the long term.
  • In the rare cases where our process does not produce portfolios that fully align with a client’s principles, we can create custom rules to suit their situation.
  • The temptation to over-trade or fixate on short term investment performance may be lessened by removing the client accounts from more trading-oriented accounts provided by traditional financial services firms.
  • Invest Vegan retains the option to “roll up” individual accounts into an ETF structure in the future if we deem such a move to be advantageous for our clients.

Though this may be unfamiliar to some clients, we note that wealthy clients and institutions have used similar structures for decades. We’re delighted to be able to provide the same alignment, convenience, and advantages more broadly thanks to Altruist’s technology infrastructure.

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