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Invest Vegan LLC seeks to identify long-term investment opportunities by focusing on public companies that we believe are successfully commercializing cruelty-free capitalism through innovation.

We believe the opportunities that result from eschewing exploitation, oppression, and extraction in all forms are poorly understood by traditional investment managers who focus too much on traditional measures of success, short-term news, and “zero-sum” thinking.

Our process recognizes that alignment with vegan principles reduces operating costs, creates centers of invention, and causes companies to steward capital with unusual care and effectiveness.

Aiming to offer long-term growth and capital appreciation, Invest Vegan’s plant-based portfolios are composed of companies that we believe are best positioned to capture opportunities resulting from the growth of this new paradigm. 

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A Natural Balance

Our iterative investment process centers the creative synthesis of outputs from both top-down and bottom-up analytical tools.

Top-Down Research


We systematically exclude companies linked to products or conduct that we deem unacceptable. This includes animal testing, carbon emissions, and many other attributes.

Scenario Analysis

We conduct holistic scenario planning exercises to integrate disparate information into testable forward-looking narratives.


We created a proprietary summary metric that facilitates cross-sector comparison, quickly integrates new information, and supports portfolio construction.

Blended with a

Bottom-up Aproach

High Conviction

We construct portfolios of liquid, publicly traded securities in a benchmark-agnostic fashion that represents our baseline level of conviction in each individual holding's holistic value.

Long Term Alignment

We focus on finding management teams that we can trust to deliver for our clients over multiple economic cycles, not just the next quarter.

Risk Aware underwriting

We use company-specific factors to estimate risks of permanent capital loss, stewardship lapses, and execution failures.

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Invest Vegan LLC is a New York registered investment adviser that provides managed account services to individuals, institutions, and others interested in aligning their investment activities with vegan ethical principles.