Manage YOur Money Morally

Get your IRAs, brokerage accounts, trusts, and more invested in sustainable long-term investment portfolios that avoid preventable harm to living things while shaping the future for the better

Here's how we put your portfolio to work

building a better world

Invest Vegan - Invest Vegan
Divest from Companies that harm living things

More than half of public companies are involved in activities that we deem objectionable.

research everything that remains

We evaluate the risks and opportunities of each company from first principles.

Invest in the most compelling opportunities

And seek collaborative long-term relationships with their management teams.

If it harms living things,

We divest or engage

Invest Vegan - Invest Vegan

Our world-class screening process is constantly on the lookout for objectionable corporate behavior. Here are some common reasons we’ve placed companies on the “naughty list.”

If we learn that a company we are currently invested in has is involved in an improper practice, we will promptly sell the shares or enact a plan to push the organization towards better behavior. 

To read our full approach to divestment, exclusion, and monitoring of ethical issues, just click here.

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Our iterative investment process

Identifies unusual opportunities

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Our investment process is central to our purpose.

And we work hard to ensure it reflects the real world by creatively synthesizing the output from leading-edge qualitative, quantitative, and non-traditional analytical techniques. 

With the ultimate aim of delivering

Repeatable growth

The ultimate test of any investment strategy is its ability to deliver reliable  results over the long term. We combine the three investment strategies below to match our clients’ risk profiles. 

Ethical Growth

a concentrated portfolio of global companies that demonstrate a distinctive commitment to responsible growth, innovation, and avoiding preventable harm to living things.

Real Assets

A concentrated portfolio of income-producing buildings and infrastructure assets that tangibly benefit the communities they are situated within.


Provides well-rounded exposure to a wide range of companies, sectors, and countries by blending Invest Vegan’s strategies together with complementary ETFs and Mutual Funds.

Invest Vegan - Invest Vegan
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Safe, secure, & Sustainable

Invest Vegan - Invest Vegan

All of our client’s assets are held by Altruist, a leading custodial solution used by more than 1,000 independent financial firms to keep client money safe from fraud and theft. Click here to learn more.

Your investments won’t go anywhere. At worst, you would experience a slight headache as we work with you to transfer your account to another investment adviser. 

There is no minimum deposit size to open an Invest Vegan account. We charge a 1% annual fee in quarterly installments. 

We reduce this fee to .85% for clients that invest $1,000,000 or more with our firm. For more detailed information, click here to download a copy of our ADV Part 2 Brochure.

Yes. Any deposit you make with us is protected by both SIPC and private insurance, which covers you for up to $150 million in the unlikely event that your cash and securities were to go missing. 

Please note that your securities can still lose value. This insurance does not protect from market declines, just the risk that our custodial partner enters bankruptcy. Invest Vegan also carries additional errors & omissions insurance which may provide additional protection in this unlikely event. 

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Invest Vegan LLC is a Utah registered investment adviser that provides managed account services to individuals, institutions, and others interested in aligning their investment activities with vegan ethical principles.