Banking the Unbanked, Identifying the Best Bathroom, and Reloading the Growth Bazooka

Impactful Odds & Ends
HDFC Bank announced 95% growth in digital transactions over the past fiscal year, and simultaneously committed to invest between 7-8% of net revenue in technology. That will go a long way toward helping the firm expand the availability of banking, lending, and investing to India’s massively underserved population. Another fun fact: I spoke at length with HDFC’s founder about 10 years ago. Here’s the transcript of that conversation.

Cintas announced the Canadian winner of its closely watched “best bathroom” competition. The honor goes to the Hard Bean Brunch Company in British Columbia, which I’m pleased to note has about a dozen vegan options. In all seriousness, this company is a phenomenal example of the magic that happens when you pay typically-overlooked custodial employees well, treat them with respect, and give them space to excel. Nothing this cool happens when people aren’t having fun. The American winners are typically announced in October, but the hall of fame goes back to 2002 and is worth a look.

Welltower announced that it has “reloaded its growth bazooka,” which is an unfortunate way to describe its new initiative, which will substantially improve the quality and availability of senior housing in the United States and Canada. CEO Shankh Mitra has been a prescient and extremely productive dealmaker over the past year, plowing more than 2.3 Billion into new assets with profound upside. I just wish he’d choose his words a little more carefully….


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