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We help you build a sustainable long-term investment portfolio that avoids preventable harm to living things while shaping the future for the better

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Our ethical values are specific, explicit, and deeply integrated into our investment strategies. That’s a profound difference from most firms, which often fail to integrate morality into money management beyond the surface level. The results are often just as amoral as index funds, but substantially more expensive. 

By contrast, our approach integrates every ethical consideration we can think of to produce portfolios which are well-suited to anyone with moral convictions and a desire to build a long-term investment portfolio. Explore below to learn more!

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Performance & Positioning

Where Ethical Growth’s Returns Came from in 2023

Sloane takes a look at where our ethical growth strategy's performance came from in 2023.
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"The gang is all here." Here lurking in my basement, that is.
Investor Education

What My Grandparents’ Collection of Cursed Antique Dolls Taught Me About Valuation

Gabe's collection of cursed antiques shows how one person's nightmare fuel is another's valuation school.
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Climate Change

3 Practical Questions for Corporate Stewards About Decarbonization

Best intentions, board-level buy in, and a big budget aren't enough to do the kind of deep decarbonization work that's necessary. So what's a well-meaning manager to do?
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Invest Vegan LLC is a Utah registered investment adviser that provides managed account services to individuals, institutions, and others interested in aligning their investment activities with vegan ethical principles.