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We place respect for the dignity of all living things at the center of everything we do.   

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We seek to align our capital with companies that are creating a world worth getting excited about. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

We see all clients as equally valid and important. Financial wealth has no bearing on this.  Accordingly, there is no minimum investment to access our strategies. 

We charge a 1% annual fee in quarterly installments. So if you were to invest $100,000 with us, we would charge .25% of the account’s value at the beginning of each quarter. For more detailed information, click here to download a copy of our ADV Part 2 Brochure.

We suggest that clients evaluate performance in the context of their long-term goals, which is best done in a 1:1 conversation with a financial adviser. 

With that said, we expect our equity strategies to produce risk-adjusted returns that compare favorably to traditional benchmarks like the Russell 3000 over a full market cycle. 

Invest Vegan Logo

Invest Vegan LLC is a New York registered investment adviser that provides managed account services to individuals, institutions, and others interested in aligning their investment activities with vegan ethical principles.